EA Sports

eChampions League

At the start of 2020, we were approached by EA Sports’ creative agency to develop a trailer to promote the FIFA 20 eChampions League.

The concept was simple, yet effective.  The creative idea was to dramatise the excitement around becoming ‘top of the league’, but then how quickly this can be taken away in a video game.

We would see a host of gamers from around the world playing FIFA 20.  As they won, they’d celebrate and the eChampions League trophy would appear next to them in a puff of smoke.  We’d then cut to another player, where the same thing happens – stealing the trophy from the previous as it makes its way around the world.

The Space team were responsible for on-set VFX supervision for the shoot.  We would then model the eChampions League trophy in 3D for the visual effects component and later complete the grade, audio and online for the ad.


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An image of a football trophy in a teenagers bedroom