Netflix + BBC


Last year saw us deliver our scariest project yet – visual effects for the Netflix and BBC series, Dracula.

On New Year’s day, millions of viewers tuned in to watch the first episode of the mini-series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the writing duo behind award-winning Sherlock.

Space were appointed as lead VFX company on the series and supervised all three episodes, culminating in a delivery of over 600 VFX shots.

Viewers were thrilled by iconic visual effects sequences including the notorious fly-in-the-eye, headless nun and the gory face-ripping conclusion to the first episode.  Included in the scope was subtle make-up and prosthetic enhancements such as growing fangs and ‘dead eyes’.

All bats, flies and worms were created by Space artists and animators, along with a terrifying yet adorable ‘undead’ baby.  Digital doubles of Dracula and other characters were created for impossible stunts.

While viewers were being creeped-out by the horrors, many might not have noticed dozens of other secret effects. Space built complete environments, as well as virtual set extensions inside and outside Dracula’s castle to increase its scale and scope, and to blend studios and location shots seamlessly. For episode two, set in a harbour, a beach and the doomed ship Demeter, not a single frame of the 90 minutes was filmed outdoors.

Head of VFX, Matt Wood commented “It was a privilege to be selected as lead VFX company for Dracula and to collaborate with world-class writers, producers, directors and talent across all the departments. To meet their high standards was a daunting task but I’m extremely proud of our team of artists and everything they brought to the screen.  It’s been a huge undertaking, but the end-result and amazing feedback from such a well-respected client has made it all worthwhile”.

Managing Director of Space, Matthew Nelson added “It’s great to be a continuing part of the rapid growth of the VFX industry in and around Manchester, confirming the area as a destination for talented artists, and the ambitious productions which need their services.”


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Image of Dracula with face covered in bloody