Castrol EDGE

Oil in Action

When Castrol launched a new formulation for their premium engine oil range, they wanted to create an ownable ident that helped customers and consumers visualise how the oil worked at a molecular level.

A key role for all engine oils is to avoid metal-to-metal contact inside the engine.  New Castrol EDGE with Fluid TITANIUM physically transforms the oil structure to be stronger under pressure.  It keeps metal surfaces apart and reduces performance-robbing friction.

We created a versatile CGI sequence to illustrate the transformation.  The sequence can be used as a standalone edit (on exhibition stands and display screens) or cut-down versions can be used within broader campaign content to build consistency and familiarity.  In addition to the on-screen animation, we also created a suite of hi-res renders from the piece for use in print collateral.

Two bottles of Castrol EDGE featuring an 'Oil in Action' ident

Pack shots: An example of how the ‘Oil in Action’ identity is used in print.


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A CGI shot to demonstrate how Castrol MAGNATEC's unique molecules cling to protect critical engine parts