Image of Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden in hostile VFX environment


Dragon’s Den

Following our work on previous series, we were asked to pitch concepts for a new title sequence for BBC’s Dragon’s Den.  Our winning idea placed the Dragon’s in a dramatic and hostile environment which metaphorically represented the Den – an open vista of cracked earth and lava where the heat is on and there’s nowhere to hide from the Dragons.

The idea was brought to life in a Manchester studio, whilst the show was being shot next door.  The Dragons themselves were great fun to work with and extremely patient as they predatorily stalked back and forth across the green screen over and over again.

Before and After VFX comparison of Dragons's Den cast member

The project was a great opportunity for us to share our green screen, matte painting, VFX and grade talents with millions of viewers.

Both the client and us were extremely pleased with the end result:  “We are all very impressed – this is a massive step forward from what we had”.


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An explosion created for Dr Who by Space