Crowd replication visual effects of people in a church


Last Tango in Halifax

Last Tango in Halifax follows the story of Alan Buttershaw and Celia Dawson, two seventy-something widows.  After their respective grandsons put their profiles on a popular social networking site, the pair rediscover feelings for each other, similar to the ones they had many decades before as teenagers.

Their relationship is a celebration of the power of love at any age, but it comes with obstacles – specifically their families.  Alan and Celia’s daughters are polar opposites and while neither would ever think about getting in the way of their parent’s happiness, the situation is a little uncomfortable.

'Before and After' image of rain visual effects applied to a driving scene

Space created VFX shots across 6 x 60-minute episodes including:

  • Rain effects
  • Crowd replication
  • Continuity fixes
  • Day for night
  • Flashback effects
  • Stunt enhancement
  • Screen replacement
  • Rig removal
'Before and After' image of crowd replication effects applied to a church service scene


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An explosion created for Dr Who by Space