'From There to Here' visual effects shot of emergency crews dealing with victims of a bombing in central Manchester


From There to Here

It’s the summer of 1996, the day England take on Scotland in the European Championships.  In the heart of Manchester, Daniel Cotton is trying to heal a major rift between his dad, Samuel, and his brother, Robbo.  But when a huge bomb explodes in the city centre, their peace negotiations are cut short and their lives changed forever.

'From There to Here' visual effects shot of the aftermath of a bomb explosion in Manchester City Centre

The series was often described as a ‘love letter to Manchester’.  Naturally, it was vital to us that the scene of the IRA bomb aftermath was as accurate as possible.  Space was born in Manchester and the team had a great personal ambition for an authentic and respectful recreation.

Space created VFX shots across 3 x 60-minute episodes including:

  • SFX enhancement
  • CGI aircraft
  • CGI vehicles
  • Matte painting
  • CGI building replacement
  • Crowd replication
  • Screen replacement


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An explosion created for Dr Who by Space