A professional rock-climber using a bespoke climbing rig created using engine parts to demonstrate how Castrol MAGNATEC defies gravity


Intelligent Molecules

Inside your engine, precision metal parts rub together thousands of times every minute. As they do this, key engine components are at risk of wear.  It’s an engine oil’s job to prevent this from happening, because once these metal surfaces start to wear away, your engine will never run as well again.

When your engine is turned off, conventional oils cool and drain to the sump, leaving parts unprotected.  When the engine starts again, it can take up to 20 minutes for the oil to reach its optimum operating temperature.  This 20-minute period is known as the warm-up period.  It is in this window that the greatest amount of engine wear occurs.

Over twenty years in the making, the technologists at Castrol have created a break-through solution.  A new type of molecule which clings to critical engine parts – even when the engine is off.  Castrol MAGNATEC with intelligent molecules dramatically reduces warm-up wear and they wanted to share this ground-breaking story with B2B and B2C audiences across the globe.

Working with Castrol’s lead creative agency, we managed the production of a short four-part documentary end-to-end.  Given the technical nature of the project, we enlisted the support of Duncan Copp to direct the shoot.  Duncan has a wealth of experience producing documentaries about complex and scientific subjects – he’s even worked with NASA!  He has a knack for extracting complex information from his interview subjects in a way that’s easy for the everyday person to understand.  He was therefore a natural choice for the project.

Working against strict delivery timings, the production visited China, Russia, South Africa and the UK.  In addition to the shoot itself (including large-scale set build), the Space team managed all post-production components including CGI, motion graphics, edit, grade and audio dub.


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A CGI shot to demonstrate how Castrol MAGNATEC's unique molecules cling to protect critical engine parts