The 'hero' family loading the SUV for their road trip



The Castrol MAGNATEC team wanted to create an emotive, yet technical, product film which outlined the benefits of their latest product, Castrol MAGNATEC SUV.

The brief on this project was tricky from the start:  As the product launch date was fast-approaching, the delivery deadline was fixed.  Yet no creative concept had been selected and the shoot would most-likely need to take place in Asia over the following weeks.

Behind the scenes shot of a recent Castrol MAGNATEC product film shoot in Malaysia

Behind the scenes: setting up for a night time shoot in Malaysia

Initially, the client wanted to film in China or India, but our global fixing partners quickly identified that lengthy permitting lead-times meant this would not be possible.  Based on the agency’s ‘WIP’ creative idea, we therefore provided recommendations and cost options for alternative locations.  In the creative pitch, these were presented to the client along with a detailing timing plan outlining how we would achieve their deadline.

Behind-the-scenes: Unloading the equipment trucks for our shoot in rural Malaysia

The client was extremely impressed by our solutions-driven approach.  In the end, pre-production was delivered in just three weeks (including detailed storyboarding, location scouting, casting, scheduling, logistics and more).  We attended a week-long shoot in Malaysia and the edit was approved on version 2!

Behind-the-scenes shot of our cameraman capturing off-road driving scenes in the Malaysian wilderness

Behind-the-scenes: Stuart capturing off-road driving scenes in the Malaysian wilderness

The client’s ‘thank you’ email said it all:  “I want to say a massive thank you to the team who worked on this project.  Creating such a high-quality demo film in a matter of weeks is a sensational result and I do not believe many (if any!) other teams would have accepted, committed to and achieved such a feat.”


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A CGI shot to demonstrate how Castrol MAGNATEC's unique molecules cling to protect critical engine parts