An image of our supercar engine, glowing red, as it is tested to the limit


Tested to the Limit

Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR is Castrol’s ‘best of the best’ engine oil for performance vehicles.  With a continually growing portfolio, it is important that Castrol’s customers (both B2B and B2C) are able to understand the benefits of each product.

Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR is used by some of the world’s leading motorsport teams. From Formula One™ through to the World Rally Championship and World Endurance Championship, Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR is put through its paces in the most demanding engine conditions.  But the client wanted to take this a step further…

To prove the performance of Castrol’s most advanced engine oil, a test like no other was created.  Using an Audi R8 V10 engine (because supercar engines operate under extreme pressures), we wanted to find out how many back-to-back Formula One™ races it could complete on just one charge of Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR (baring in mind the oil is usually drained and changed after each race).

Would it complete 1, 2, 5, 10, or would the engine experience a catastrophic failure?

Behind-the-scenes shot of the engine chamber being prepped for testing to begin

Behind the scenes: Setting up the engine chamber before it is sealed for testing to begin.

An independent testing facility in Germany was selected to conduct the testing.  We were invited along to capture footage and bring the intense nature of the challenge to life in a way that both B2B and B2C audiences could understand.

A behind-the-scenes shot of our cameraman capturing cut-away shots of the testing control centre

Behind-the-scenes: Capturing cut-aways of the testing control centre.

Using dynamic lighting, we rigged the test chamber to change appearance at different stages of the test.  In post-production, a bespoke backing track was composed, and rapid-fire motion graphics created to help tell our story in an engaging way (flash test completed, and adjustments made to ensure the film did not present a risk to viewers).

A behind-the-scenes shot of a close-up of facility technician

Behind the scenes: Up close and personal with the lead test engineer.

Beyond the master edit itself, we also created a cut-down edit, and a 30-second pre-roll ad.  As always with international clients, the assets were created in a way which ensured translation was as simple as possible.  To maximise the shoot,  we also took a stills photographer with us to capture images for use online and in print collateral.

The client was extremely pleased with the end product.  After seeing the final edit, a number of additional markets decided to invest paid media budget in promoting the content locally.


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Close-up shot of fuel lines feeding the supercar engine in our testing film