Shot of a girl walking through a river in boots from the Woodland Trust TV ad

Woodland Trust

The Centenary Woods

Working with a local agency, we produced a new TV ad for the Woodland Trust.  To honour the sacrifice of servicemen and women from the First World War, four Centenary Woods were created across the UK.  A TVC was created to help generate support for this unique woodland conservation opportunity.

Casting was completed with the support of a local primary school, where we recorded the children singing ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’.  The shoot was split over two days:  firstly, using a drone and camera zip wire in woodlands near Skipton.  And secondly at the home of Woodland Trust Ambassador Dame Judi Dench – one of Britain’s most respected film, stage and television actresses.  Judi was everything we expected her to be and more – wonderfully accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with.


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Shot of the cameraman filming from the back of a tracking vehicle