Zen Internet

Unlimited Peace of Mind

In the world of broadband, the big media companies are constantly shouting about connection speeds and unlimited downloads.  The TV ads out there are dramatic and in your face with a tonne of special effects.  It’s hard to tell one provider from another.

In a busy marketplace, Zen Internet wanted to stand out.  They too have impressive connection speeds and unlimited download bundles, but they also have something their competitors don’t – incredible reviews about their customer service and the reliability of their product.  In these areas, the ‘big boys’ simply can’t compete.

We therefore created a TVC that was the ‘antidote’ to the huge internet service providers.  An understated, calming ad where the only thing ‘unlimited’ is the peace of mind of Zen’s customers.  A half-day drone shoot delivered a variety of shots, and single one was selected for the final edit.


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An explosion created for Dr Who by Space