Image of Dracula with face covered in bloody


In our world of VFX, anything is possible.  Literally anything.

We create state-of-the-art visual effects sequences for the corporate, advertising, film and television industries.

From minuscule to mind-blowing.  From invisible to incredible.  Our experienced VFX team can help transform your creative ideas into visual reality by fusing creativity, technology and imagination.

From digital set extensions and green screen compositing to complete 3D CGI scene development, we work across the entire production process to help design, plan and create visual effects that bring our clients’ stories to life in ways they never thought possible.  You’re in safe hands – our trusted and respected team also provide on-set VFX supervision to ensure your production comes together seamlessly in post.

Our complete range of VFX services include:

  • Script analysis, VFX breakdown and bidding
  • VFX supervision, production and co-ordination
  • Pre and Post-Visualisation
  • Match-move and prep
  • Character design and animation
  • Matte painting and digital environments
  • FX and simulation
  • 3D animation and photo-realistic rendering
  • Compositing
  • Grading

Check out some of our recent projects to see how a little Space VFX magic can take your content to the next level.