A behind-the-scenes shot of Director and Cameraman filming on set.


Video is one of the fastest growing formats in the marketing industry today.  As such a valuable asset, it’s important to get it right and ensure your content stands out from the crowd.

Over the years, we’ve brought our expertise to productions of all shapes and sizes, with locations ranging from the exotic (Vietnam/Malaysia/South Africa) to the closer to home (we’ve recently spent a particularly productive day in a small studio in Didsbury) via New York… China… Dubai…and so many more!

Whatever the setting, our aim is always the same: to keep stress levels low and production values high, with an enjoyable and collaborative process leading to a successful and distinctive end product.

Our complete range of Production services include:

  • The brief and scoping support
  • Creative concepts and director’s treatment
  • Detailed scripting and storyboards
  • Pre-Production admin (travel, accommodation, equipment, logistics, risk assessments, filming permits, working visas and much more!)
  • Production sourcing (cast, crew, locations, art department, wardrobe etc.)
  • Shoot co-ordination and management
Behind the scenes shot of a recent Castrol MAGNATEC product film shoot in Malaysia

Behind the scenes: setting up for a night time shoot in Malaysia

You name it, we can shoot it:

  • TV commercials
  • Online advertising
  • Corporate and brand communications
  • Product and ‘how-to’ content
  • Events and immersive experiences
  • Drama and feature film
  • Documentaries

After the shoot, it’s time for Post-Production.  We handle that in-house too!  More info can be found here.


How can we help bring your next project to life?

A CGI shot to demonstrate how Castrol MAGNATEC's unique molecules cling to protect critical engine parts